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Privacy Policy

By default, Vade does not store any data except the users ID. If a server member with the Manage Server permission uses the prefix command to change the bot’s prefix, then the server’s automatically-generated Discord ID. For example, 794770969079185420, will be stored in the bot’s database along with the provided prefix and any other configurations made. No other data relating to the server is stored. No other data is required to be stored. In order for us, Vade, to exist, we set default ground rules to ensure that we are able to manage our Bots users. By utilising a bot command in any way, you are agreeing that you understand this privacy policy to the fullest extent. Any disagreements with this privacy policy can be sent directly to the owner; Ethan#7000 with an ID of 473858248353513472. We also follow Discords official privacy policy to the fullest extent. View it here