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Welcome to to the Team page! Here you can learn about each of the individuals that help Velocity function! Here at Velocity, we take pride in our Staff Members and how much they do for Velocity. And so, you can learn more about them here!



Hey! My names Ethan, I'm the Lead Developer here at Velocity! I'm the guy that does literally everything related to Development. Little bit of info about me: I'm 17 years old, program day and night and play too much Rocket League!

Ethans Intro


Hackels description here

Hackels Intro


Hello! My name is Reiia. I'm on the Velocity management team and have been since January 2021. I'm 18 and spend most of my time either working, playing games with friends, or just chilling in discord calls. I'm passionate about music, makeup, hair styling and of course; anything that has to do with moderation. (:

Reii Intro


G'day. My name is Mester, I'm apart of the management team here at Velocity. We make sure that everything runs smoothly within the server, and are here to help! A slight insight into my life, I'm 16 years old, I code and I spent way too much time on it, I also love working with people.

Mesters Intro